Rotational moulded kayak trolley prototypeRotational Moulding

I have specialised in the area of rotational plastic moulding for many years. I have become expert in dealing with difficult design issues, often recruited by large plastics manufacturers to work alongside their in-house designers for specificFinished tools for Tuff-Lite Trailer System projects. Rotational moulding is a process that is used for producing hollow plastic products.  Complex products can be produced by using additional post-moulding operations. This enables the process to compete effectively with other moulding practices.

Rotational moulding is different from other methods in that the heating, melting, shaping and cooling stages all occur after the plastic polymer is placed in the mould. There is no external pressure applied during forming. This Ready for rotational mouldingmeans stress free products, no weld lines, low cost moulds and minimum design constraints.  It also allows for the addition of moulded-in graphics to products, such as company logos, warning lables and instructions.

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