Pattern Making and Prototyping

Kevin at workOne of the biggest highlights for me is being able to turn my client's idea into a 3D replica that is better than they imagined it could be  and then see their reaction.  I am and have always been an ideas man, a visionary, and find that pattern making allows me to help others develop their own concepts while exploring my own creative side. 

I will create a full size or scale model using a combination of polystyrene, fibreglass, resins, wood, plastic or metal.  While doing this, I allow for the 'shrinkage' factor of whatever material will be used in the manufacture of the final product.  The model can then be tested, modified and fine tuned before a production tool is made. I can also work from a CAD drawing to produce a CNC computer cut plug or prototype.

From the model a mould is made using a combination of wood and resin.  The mould can consist of 2 or more pieces, depending on the complexity of the product.  The mould parts are duplicated in cast aluminium  and the castings are then polished, fitted, framed and clamped to suit the chosen manufacturers requirements.

Kevin Halsall
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