From Dovecotes to Trailers

Hi! My name is Kevin Halsall and I'm well known in the plastics industry for my innovative, solutions oriented approach to rotational moulding and pattern making. 

I have been making patterns since 1970 and started out doing more traditional pattern making and vacuum forming plastics.  I now specialise in rotational moulding, product design, product development and prototyping.

With this complete knowledge and experience, I am able to assist clients through the plastics design and manufacturing process.  I will advise on potential problem areas and work together to avoid additional expenditure and time.  And above all, client confidentiality is assured.

My expertise in plastics and rotational moulding in particular enables me to design and produce anything from the smallest component such as a handle or hinge right through to bigger projects like mobile coffee carts, kayaks and trailers.

Kevin Halsall
Phone: Ph: 027 300 7858

PO Box 46
Otaki, 5542
New Zealand